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Young people show off their entrepreneurial skills at the Ottawa Children’s Trade Fair – Shaw Local

Chloe Carmona has turned a Christmas gift into a money-making idea.

Carmona received a resin kit and made all sorts of fun things with it, she said. Then one of his teachers told him about the Ottawa Children’s Trade Fair and suggested he try his hobby as a business.

On Saturday in Washington Square for Ottawa’s first children’s trade fair sponsored by Prairie Fox Books, Carmona said sales were strong.

“I was amazed at how much I can do with it,” Carmona said of how many items she can create with her resin kit.

Carmona was one of 19 other children’s businesses on Saturday, selling its own, mostly homemade, products from tents set up in the park. The event provided children in grades 1-12 with the opportunity to learn about business. They designed their own brand, marketed their products and introduced it to the community on Saturday, also making a profit from their sales.

Dixie Smick, 12, of Ottawa, said she heard about the trade show at school. She had read about God’s eyes, which are made by taking yarn and wrapping it around a wooden cross, and decided she wanted to make them, along with other jewelry and tie dyes.

She said she learned to price her products based on how long she spent with each one. Tie-dye shirts involve an overnight process and God’s eyes can be made in 5-10 minutes, and some jewelry used to take longer.

Raegon Davis, from Marseille, who has created handmade bracelets and charms, said determining the number of beads and the number of items going into each product was a big part of his determination of cost. Her mother suggested she attend the trade fair.

“I was making bracelets for a project at school,” she said.

Cayla Blood, 11, of Ottawa, and Ceci Reynolds, 12, of Utica, pose for a photo Saturday, August 13, 2022, outside Ceci and Cayla's Shop, after receiving an award during the Ottawa Children's Business Fair in Washington Square.

Cayla Blood, 11, from Ottawa, and Ceci Reynolds, 12, from Utica, received an award for The Ceci and Cayla Shop, which offered homemade baked goods, including two-piece brownies, which quickly sold out. sold.

The duo said they both love baking cookies, so the idea came naturally. They said they were happy to spend some of the profits on fun items.

Other companies on display included How Big Can You Dream, Sawyer Clay Creations, Peanut Butter and Jillys Art Stuff, Crafty Kitty, Amen Acres, Grayson’s Letter Merch, Color Me Collins, Star Designs, The Crafter’s Cave and Designs by D.

Amen Acres was a popular booth on Saturday, August 13, 2022, at the Ottawa Children's Trade Show in Washington Square.

The first children’s trade fair coincided with the end of summer party sponsored by Prairie Fox Books, with face painting, games, activities with Rapunzel and free backpacks with free children’s books.

Ky Chameleon shows off his skills Saturday, August 13, 2022, with an assistant, at the Prairie Fox Books End of Summer Party which coincided with the Ottawa Children's Trade Fair in Washington Square.