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Tristan Thompson’s ex Jordan Craig gives rear view in crochet swimsuit

Jordan Craig is enjoying a healthy drink while wearing skimpy swimsuits!

The influencer took to Instagram over the weekend to share a racy update showing off her enviable curves. Craig has been having fun in Mexico since arriving in one of his tourist destinations a week ago.

In a new post, she showed fans a glimpse of the gorgeous resort while flaunting her curves in a skimpy thong swimsuit.

A breathtaking display

Instagram | Jordan Craig

Craig, 30, rocked a sexy crochet piece in brown. It featured a deep neckline – showing a tantalizing look at her cleavage. The halter-style straps that held the piece up clung to her neck, showcasing her toned shoulders and arms. Meanwhile, the lower part of the suit featured extremely high leg cuts that exposed a lot of skin from her waist to her pins. But viewers seemed to enjoy the swimsuit’s thong design the most because it showed off Craig’s pert behind.

The back part of the costume had thin straps tied behind her back and a large cutout underneath. It was also adorned with tassels that formed around its waist.

Craig opted for soft curls as she let her long locks cascade over her shoulders and back. The only jewelry she wore was a bracelet and an anklet. She also wore a pair of brown wedge sandals to complete her look.

bask in paradise

Jordan Craig posing for the camera.
Instagram | Jordan Craig

The first photo showed the model lying on her stomach with her upper body propped up near the small infinity pool. She lifted her legs off the ground while closing her eyes and holding a coconut and a straw. The area was located in an elevated location with beautiful ocean views and lush greenery.

In another slide, Craig was seen standing on a wooden pathway. She crossed her legs and leaned to one side while carrying her coconut water. The bomb ran her fingers through her hair while leaning her head back.

A breathtaking view

Jordan Craig posing for the camera.
Instagram | Jordan Craig

Craig also posted a short video of herself which showed her standing by the pool with her pert back facing the camera. She took a step to the right, causing her booty to shake.

Craig revealed that she stayed at the One&Only Mandarina luxury resort in Nayarit, a small state in western Mexico.

“Staying in my 1st life-size treehouse and it’s pretty amazinggg 😬🌴🥥” she wrote in the caption and noted that her swimsuit was from her fashion label.

Entertain its subscribers

Her fans took to the comments section to shower her with gushing notes. Most of them complimented her stellar body and praised her beauty.

“I live for Vacay Jordy,” one wrote.

“Girlll you are so BOMBBVBBVV,” another follower joked.

“THE LADY!!!! You are SO GORGEOUS!!!!” added the third commenter.

“You are such a dream. So beautiful!” a fourth user claimed.

She dated two famous men

Tristan Thompson and his son Prince.
Instagram | Tristan Thompson

Craig has dated NBA star Tristan Thompson, 31, in the past. Together they have a son named Prince, 5. She was pregnant when the basketball player started dating 37-year-old Khloé Kardashian.

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Craig was married to Tyga, real name Michael Ray Stevens, 32. As reported by NBC Los Angelesthey married on September 6, 2010. Exactly one month later, he filed for divorce and was finalized in 2011. The rapper was 24-year-old Kylie Jenner’s ex.