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the trailer reveals a totally new origin for the teenage hero

Are you blinded by the lights? It’s not The Weeknd you see. It’s Kamala Khan, the new hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But his origins may be a little different than they were in his comics.

In the trailer for Ms. Marvel, which comes to Disney+ on June 8, New Jersey teenager Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) awakens to the powers that can come from a special relic. Inspired by her idolization of Captain Marvel, Kamala takes on her own identity as Ms. Marvel.

But what are the biggest changes for Ms. Marvel as she transitions from comics to screen? We break down the specifics of what the MCU does differently.

What happened? — A superhero epic with high school drama mixed in, Ms. Marvel ruminates on the importance of a Pakistani Muslim becoming a Marvel superhero. Fearing her own anxieties, Kamala said, “Maybe they’re right – I’m spending too much time in fantasy land. It’s not really the brunette girls of Jersey City saving the world. But as Kamala will learn, some fantasies come true.

You can watch the trailer below.

Rewritten Origins — One of the biggest changes for Kamala Khan is her origin story. In the comics, she gains powers after a Terrigen bomb explodes in New York City during the events of the 2013 Marvel crossover. Infinite. The Terrigen Mists unlock dormant “inhuman” alien genes in ordinary people, granting them superpowers.

As the Mists spread across the Hudson to Jersey City, Kamala contacts them after leaving a high school party she wasn’t supposed to attend. She begins hallucinating visions of her favorite superheroes – including Captain Marvel – and wakes up the next day with polymorphic superpowers.

In Ms. Marvel #1, Kamala Khan comes into contact with Terrigen Mist which awakens her alien Inhuman DNA. That night, she hallucinates her heroes, who tell her that her life is about to change forever.Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel, the TV show, is heading down a different path. While it’s unclear how Kamala will get her powers, the trailer implies that they come from cosmic-enhanced bracelets. Kamala’s powers also changed; instead of changing shape, she now has a cosmic energy that makes her look more like Captain Marvel, though the series pays homage to her original powers in how Kamala can throw “swollen” fists.

The show seems to put more emphasis on Kamala’s bracelets, which in the comics were her great-grandmother’s wedding bracelets. In 1947, Kamala’s family escaped anti-Muslim violence in Bombay, and the bracelets were used to safely smuggle the last of their money.

As a superhero, Kamala mainly wore the bracelets for sentimental reasons. But in the MCU, her family’s jewelry may become the source of what makes Kamala so special. The trailer for Ms. Marvel implies as much, with a text that says “The future is in his hands”.

A bit like the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel reinvents a comic book gem into the source of a superhero’s amazing gifts. In this case: Kamala’s family bracelets, which may be of cosmic origin.marvel studios

As a superhero, Kamala wears vintage bracelets inherited from her family. In Ms. Marvel numbers 8-9, they turn out to be her great-grandmother’s wedding bracelets which she used to hide money when they fled from Bombay when Pakistan gained independence.Marvel Comics

the Reverse To analyse – Much like the Ten Rings, Kamala’s bracelets have been redesigned in a way that both suits her story and creates new avenues for visual storytelling. Not only do her powers symbolically bring her closer to her idol Carol Danvers, but her comic book polymorphic powers would have been difficult to portray on screen. It’s a smart move to change her abilities, and Ms. Marvel’s own creator, G. Willow Wilson, is okay with the changes.

“I think some characters are very well prepared for the big screen; they are very naturally cinematic,” Wilson said. Polygon in 2019. “But with Ms. Marvel, we really weren’t interested in creating something that had very obvious cinematic potential…She has very comedic powers. God bless them trying to put that into action; I don’t know how it’s going to work out in a way that doesn’t really sound scary.

Ms. Marvel gives its titular hero a reimagined set of powers that, frankly, is better suited to a medium like television.marvel studios

As with the rest of the series, the energetic synths of The Weeknd’s biggest hit mark Kamala’s story in a way that makes it exciting yet still down to earth. Kamala’s powers may be extraterrestrial, as we’ll likely learn. But that doesn’t stop Kamala from having duties and crushes.

Ms. Marvel will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 8.