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The best matching jewelry for couples

Michael Stillwell

If you’re still deciding what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, consider something you can both wear and enjoy: matching couple jewelry. If hearts aren’t your thing, there are plenty of sleek and stylish options. Think of Cartier’s iconic Love bracelets or Milamore’s gold rings with words of love set in diamonds written in Braille.

Now that more men are finally wearing jewelry, your man might be ready for a matching set of signet rings or pendant necklaces. Genderless jewelry designs make it easy to find matching designs that appeal to everyone’s style. And even the most discreet bracelets or rings can be inscribed with hidden messages that only you share. It’s romantic.

Matching jewelry isn’t just for couples. It’s one of the hottest trends with best friends and mothers and daughters because jewelry looks even better when shared with your loved ones.

Here are 11 jewelry gifts that are suitable for any type of relationship.

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pink ring

Yurman’s chic pinky ring is a modern take on the signet ring. Its slightly contoured shape makes it the kind of ring he or she can live in.

Friendship Charm Hearts

When designer Jade Lustig wanted to give her best friend a gift, she remembered the broken heart necklaces she shared with friends as a child and designed a modern twist. “My best friend is my turn or die,” says Lustig. She engraves the back with initials or words, and also adds birthstones to make it even more personal.

Cosmos 18K Secret Tape

Everyone loves a secret: these two-in-one rings feature a gold band set with star-shaped diamonds that opens to reveal a second band. Share a ring with a partner or friend or purchase two sets of rings that you can each wear and have engraved with private notes.

“Never Fear” two-tone snake medallion

A sign of rebirth and transformation, the snake is a defining emblem for any relationship. If your style and relationship are a bit on the edge, this snake locket is something you both will want to wear.

love bangle

Designed in the 70s, the iconic gold bracelet is a symbol of enduring love. Once it’s attached to the wrist, it requires a special tool to detach it, so it literally binds your love with a lock and a screw. Even if the romance ends, this bracelet is so chic you can wear it forever.

“Manifesto” Braille Diamond Ring

The Milamore Braille Collection features the words self-esteem, manifest, amore and can be personalized with any diamond braille word. The brand’s creative director, George Root, wanted to create something that could be accessible to everyone because, according to him, “being able to read with your fingertips feels like a superpower and something special to me”.

Talisman Coin Necklace

Superstitious or not, these Talisman Coin necklaces come in six universal symbols of good fortune, such as a four-leaf clover and a horseshoe, and are meant to create good couple vibes. It is even more symbolic with a personal message engraved on the reverse.

“The Other Half” Duo Medallion Set

Are you looking for your other half, your soul mate or your forever lover? Briony Raymond has these words engraved on gold medallions that are split down the middle to share with someone special.

Bracelet maker #MyForteBeads

Mix and match colors to create bespoke bead bracelets and add gold letters or symbols to make it even more personal. It is a playful gift for couples and friends.

Rectangle Bar Photo Locket

This classic gold medallion with strong geometric lines is a genderless style that contains two photos. It’s a great way to keep it close to your heart.

Link Bracelet

A chunky gold chain is this year’s must-have piece of jewelry. It instantly elevates any look, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to elegant tailored suits. Why not get a matching set so you can both look stylish?

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