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Fall 2022 jewelry trends to stock up on

The power of jewelry to symbolize traditions and mark milestones in life is palpable. On the Fall 2022 runways, no look was complete without a personalized touch via accessories like bracelets, necklaces and rings. From bold link necklaces to layered stacks of bracelets, here’s what will spice up the jewelry sphere for fall 2022. The […]

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Jewelry, a non-gendered fashion accessory!

Jewelry is often considered a feminine accessory, however, it is not necessary to belong to a particular gender to wear beautiful jewelry. In the past, searching for unisex jewelry may have led you to a selection of solid and monochromatic pieces, but that’s no longer the case. Day by day, men are more and more […]

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The best chic and not cheesy charm bracelets, Lifestyle News

We can all agree that finding a piece of jewelry that makes sense is no easy task. Of course, we can just get what everyone else is wearing, but it will be one of those accessories that you soon forget. So, which jewelry should you invest in if you are looking to tell your story […]

Charm bracelets

People are raving about Pandora’s new ocean-themed charm bracelets as they cut prices by 50%

A SWIM in the Mediterranean waters may be out of place for most this summer, but you can still get in the seaside mood when it comes to dressing up. Shoppers are sharing their admiration for a new collection of ocean-inspired charm bracelets from Pandora – which have also just slashed prices by up to […]

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Thomas Sabo, charm bracelets and the appeal of the new season of talismanic jewelry | British Vogue

Indigital Eclecticism is the key, says Kölbli. “The current trend is to create personal jewelry that does not correspond to new aspects. It’s not like it used to be, everything fits together perfectly. Now it is exactly the opposite. With the charms you can really play around to achieve different results. I think that’s what […]

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5 very adult and sophisticated charm bracelets to get you excited about charm bracelets (again)

Not just for teens moving into adulthood, charm bracelets are the perfect way to show your personality to the world while still holding something close to your heart. For the new season, change your perceptions and give charm bracelets the second chance they deserve. These cuffs below manage to maintain a vintage feel while also […]

Charm bracelets

Artist who sues Damien Hirst over charm bracelets must take a relaxing pill [UPDATED]

Screenshot of Colleen Wolstenholme’s lawsuit against Damien Hirst, whose bracelet is on the right (screenshot via PACER) In lawsuit that shows people will sue just about anything, Canadian artist accuses Damien Hirst of copyright infringement – because a series of his bracelets feature pill-shaped charms similar to his . She is now seeking damages, attorneys’ […]