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Surat woman uses breast milk to make jewelry and also receives orders from abroad

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Surah: It used to be that parents kept their children’s clothes and toys safe so that they could cherish this memory later. Nowadays, the trend has changed. With the advancement of technology, the idea of ​​keeping children’s old clothes has become obsolete. Moms now prefer to immortalize their breastfeeding journey through jewelry.

The tendency to use breastmilk for jewelry making is becoming popular in India. Aditi, a woman from Surat makes jewelry with her mother’s milk. Aditi is a dentist by profession and also an art lover. She designs gold and silver jewelry, including bracelets and pendants, using the baby’s hair and the umbilical cord saved when the child was born, reported News18.

To make these memories, Aditi saves breast milk and transfers it into stones. She then designs jewelry from these stones. The whole process would take 15 days. Interestingly, breast milk products never spoil in life.

According to Aditi, she also receives orders for breastmilk jewelry from abroad. Customers send breast milk by couriers for jewelry making. According to the News18 report, Aditi designed a Shiva Linga pendant from breast milk. To make this pendant, she also used the baby’s hair.

Aditi also designed VT for a couple from Canada. She would have engraved the baby’s first letter on the VT using the baby’s hair. During this time, seven diamonds were used in the VT as seven was the baby’s lucky number.