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Simple tips for choosing the ideal bridal jewelry to complete your wedding look – Udaipur Kiran | Latest news from Udaipur

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The choice of wedding jewelry is an integral part of the bride’s ensemble. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Your bridal jewelry is an integral part of your look, just like your makeup, your shoes and your hairstyle. The right wedding jewelry gives the perfect finishing touch to the bride’s overall look.

However, choosing the right and best option can be overwhelming. All the decorative aspects of your dress should also be considered when selecting your bridal jewelry. Getting the balance right is key, so if your dress is very detailed, you’ll find that simple jewelry works best. There are many options and styles to choose from, making it harder to choose the right bridal jewelry for your wedding outfit and skin tone.

Being careful is a rule of thumb when picking out your jewelry. Here are some essential tips to consider when choosing your bridal jewelry:

Budget: When planning a wedding budget, it’s crucial to spend money where it matters most to you and it will have a significant impact on your big day. Deciding and sticking to a budget while choosing jewelry is wise. If you still want to wear diamond bridal jewelry, you should save accordingly to buy it. Be sure to plan your budget and set priorities before you go jewelry shopping.

Look for what’s trending: Always choose a trendy and versatile design that the bride can wear later. Doing a little research on current trends and styles is helpful in choosing the jewelry you want. Understanding the trends and which pattern will best suit your wedding outfit is essential.

Mix and match: Wearing a combination of a contrasting color wedding dress and jewelry is probably the best option. Not only are they different from mainstream trends, but they also allow your beautiful bridal outfit and jewelry to stand apart. Some brides may want to opt for modern and trendy jewelry to mix and match their existing jewelry.

Discover your family jewels: If you want to go for a traditional bridal look, family heirloom jewelry is the best and safest bet. You can have the jewelry modified according to your own needs. Antique jewelry also adds value and has a unique look. Just choose a perfect outfit that suits the jewelry and you are sorted.

Opt for a thin belt: A thin belt gives a nice touch to the bride’s look. Thin sashes complement a saree beautifully. The belt helps cover the bare torso but also accentuates the waist, making it appear smaller and more attractive.

Take stock of existing gold: In India, it is traditional for parents to buy jewelry. Weddings are an opportunity to review what you already have. This means existing large gold can be smelted/sold to craft/buy new things.

Consider the neckline of Your garment: It is essential to take this into account when planning your jewelry, especially the necklace. If the silhouette of the necklace is not through the neckline, the beauty of the dress and the exquisiteness of the necklace will be ruined. For example, short chains or chokers look best with a sweetheart or strapless neckline. You can add a dainty bracelet, bangle or cocktail ring to complete your look.

Beyond these tips for choosing jewelry for a special occasion, it’s just as important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Thus, thoughtful planning and careful selection must be done to feel comfortable during the occasion. Your wedding jewelry completes your bridal look.

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