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Shades of Jay Boutique opens its virtual doors in Moose Jaw

The online store,, offers some great options for those with a keen sense of fashion.

Moose Jaw’s Jaymin Stewart saw a need for one-of-a-kind fashion. So she launched an online store and expanded her business to also include bracelets, handbags, bags, homemade accessories and more.

The online store, ShadesofJay.caoffers exciting options for those with a keen sense of fashion.

Stewart started Shades of Jay in 2013 after her aunt taught her how to make bracelets. She thought it was a fun and creative outlet and loved the look of the bracelets. Eventually, a lot of people started asking where she got her unique and glamorous bracelets, and that’s when she decided to start selling them.

In April 2022, Shades of Jay became Shades of Jay Boutique, making the boutique the parent company of Shades of Jay Bracelets and provided some separation between the apparel and bracelet parts of the brand.

Stewart and her mother work together to source the best quality produce possible, getting most of their produce from Spain. She also collaborates with Don from DBL Designs, to engrave all her bracelets with a hidden J. She uses genuine leather, sterling silver and Swarovski crystals to create unique pieces. Wristbands are on sale in the online store, as well as at trade shows in Western Saskatchewan.

“My main goal is to have everything one of a kind. I don’t want to bring too many identical outfits so the women of Moose Jaw can be truly unique,” says Stewart. “I also hope to continue this with Shades of Jay, as Shades of Jay bracelets are all unique.”

Since her goal is to keep Moose Jaw as unique as possible, most clothing is limited edition and will only be in the store once.

A variety of men’s products are also available, but they are in high demand and therefore sell out quickly.

Shades of Jay Boutique is really excited to see our customers in trade shows again. The hope is to have a permanent store location by this fall or early 2023.

Shades of Jay will be hitting the sidewalks this weekend selling Stewart’s stylish bracelets and specialty apparel. Come see what’s there!

Visit the online store at