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Priest kills 57-year-old woman for gold ornaments

Malkajgiri cold-blooded murder: Priest kills 57-year-old woman for gold ornaments

Hyderabad: Two people including a priest have been arrested in the murder case of Uma Devi, the lady who disappeared a few days ago and was found dead on Thursday morning. One of the accused is the priest of the temple she visits regularly.

Police say one of the accused Anumula Murali Krishna, a priest from Sri Swayambhu Siddi Vinayaka Temple Vishnupuri settlement, Malkajgiri murdered the woman and stole her gold ornaments which weighed around 10 Thulas and further sold the same at Maa Bhavani Jewelers in Vishnupuri Colony, Malkajgiri. The stolen goods were recovered intact from their possession.

The police recovered two gold bracelets, one lakh rupees in cash and cards given by the owner of the jewelry store to the priest. Gold chains and the victim’s bracelets cut into 35 pieces were recovered from the jeweler. Two iron rods and a plastic canister were found at the crime scene.

One case has been registered under IPC Sections 302, 201, 392, 411 by Malkajgiri Police from Rachakonda Police Station.

Background to the case

On April 18, Uma Devi (57) went to the temple and did not return. When her husband went to the temple and asked the priest (accused), he said that she had already left. However, his shoes were found outside the chappal. Her husband waited a long time and started looking for her.

Uma’s photo and other details have been circulating on social media asking people in the Secunderabad area to call the family if they find her. “We had tremendous support from several people we didn’t even know. They kept making sure she would be fine and that we would find her,” her family said. They said they were grateful for the support.

Uma was not carrying a phone or wallet when she disappeared, but she had three gold bracelets on each hand and a mangalsutra at the time of her disappearance.

Based on credible information, the Malkajgiri police caught the temple priest (murderer and adornment violator) and recorded his confession, in which he confessed to committing the offence.

Operating mode

According to the police, the deceased used to visit the temple regularly wearing gold ornaments and the priest developed an evil eye against the gold ornaments of the deceased, planning to eliminate her for her gold ornaments in order to solve his financial problems.

According to the priest’s pre-plan, on 18.04.2022 around 7:00 p.m., when the deceased visited Swayambhu Siddi Vinayaka temple, Vishnupuri settlement, Malkajigiri then as Uma was alone in the temple, brutally murdered her by beating her on the head with an iron bar several times. In addition, the priest after confirming the death of the deceased threw the body of the deceased in a plastic container, closed it with a cap and cleaned the floor with the water he had brought earlier and kept in the temple.

The priest then stole the deceased woman’s gold ornaments and sold them to jewelers Maa Bhavani in Vishnupuri settlement, Malkajgiri, to the second defendant, Joshi Nanda Kishore.

He later attempted to dispose of the body by taking it to a secluded location in a cart but was unable to escape as locals and police were searching for the deceased. As he could not dispose of the body of the deceased, and after two days of offense because the bad smell was released, on April 21 in the early morning the priest took the drum containing the body of the deceased to the back of the temple by rolling it and threw the body in the thorn bushes existing between the railroad tracks and the back of the temple. He then brought the empty drum into the temple, cleaned it with Lysol, and then kept the drum in its place as it was. As the bad smell persisted, he cleaned the place inside the temple again and lit the incense sticks again.