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Precious simplicity

MIRA jewelry by Sara Markose

Whether it’s clothing or jewelry, keeping it stylish is the new style statement. Many young people now prefer a minimalist look, even for weddings and other celebrations. A single pendant chain with matching stud earrings or a single stone choker with light bracelets will go well with any attire – western or ethnic. Ernakulam-based jewelry boutique, MIRA Jewels by Mark Sara, focuses on the beauty of minimalist jewelry, which is the latest trend among women in the state.

The boutique, which launched in 2002, is now popular on social media for its personalized gemstone jewelry. One of its owners, Sara Markose, says gemstone accessories have been in demand in the state lately. “Minimalist accessories will help you achieve an eye-catching, chic and trendy look. Young people, especially brides, today prefer it over heavy gold jewelry. Daily wear collections featuring minimal pieces, including pendants , bracelets and single stone earrings that are suitable for the work space and casual events are also in demand.Ruby, blue sapphire and diamond earrings, pendant sets are more preferred by working women,” she said.

Rose quartz and diamond bead necklaces, vintage blue topaz and rose quartz bead necklaces, layered bead necklaces with turquoise stone mugappu, ruby ​​pendants and stud earrings are popular minimalist collections from Mira. Precious stones or precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are kept in light gold chains.

“These jewels are made with gold. However, ruby, blue topaz, rose quartz and emerald used alone or in mixture are also in high demand. New brides choose to wear necklaces made from these gemstones because they can be personalized. These gold jewels are for generations,” says Sara. Sara added that older women prefer simple pearls and coral jewelry to gemstones. Layered necklaces and bracelets made from rice beads are also trending among older women.