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Partha Chatterjee arrested: “O Kaun Thi” – Partha in a jewelry store with a mysterious woman! The investigation began with the photo

#Kolkata: An image And around this the investigation began of Partha Chatterjee’s hobby for ornaments. Maroon Punjabi-White Pajama face mask. Former Minister of State Partha Chatterjee sits in a jewelry store. A woman next to him. Wearing a black saree. Open hair hides the face. As soon as the photo came out, the speculations started. The former Minister of State went to buy jewelry from whom at the market? “Close” to Arpita Mukherjee? And according to this image, we can see a gold market in Madhyamgram.

The law enforcement branch of the investigative agency believes jewelry was purchased for Arpita during Puja last year from this shop. And that’s why, in addition to collecting CCTV footage from the store, store staff will be interviewed. The name of a textile merchant near Madhyamgram was mentioned earlier in the investigation. According to sources, Partha Chatterjee was appearing in this shop with the owner of this company. The Directorate of Execution is also looking for him.

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According to local sources, this gold market is not old Madame Arpita occasionally peeked into this shop which was full of various ornaments. This store is currently under police surveillance. Since then, real estate news has followed one another. Investigators estimate that the market value of houses, flats, land and cars that has emerged so far is not less than Rs 100 crore. Apart from this, cash and gold worth 554.3 million taka were recovered from Arpita’s two apartments.

ED’s first operation took place on July 22. ED officials also seized Rs 56 lakh in foreign currency and Rs 76 lakh in gold jewelery from Arpita’s apartment at Diamond City Residence in Talliganj, in addition to Rs 21.9 crore in cash. Parth and Arpita were arrested on the 23rd. Five days after the incident, ED raided two apartments in Arpita’s name in the Belgharia skyscraper ‘Club Town Heights’. Although nothing special was recovered from the 2nd apartment in residential block 2, ED officers entered the 8th apartment in the 5th block.

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Like the Tollygunge apartment, the ED also recouped “mountains of money” from this apartment. A total of Rs 27.90 crore in cash and Rs. 4 crore 31 lakh in gold were recovered from the bedroom and toilet of Belgharia 8 apartment. Among the gold recovered were cigarette butts, rakmari har, six kankans (bracelet), from the ghari-kalam. ED recovered Rs 50.36 crore in cash and Rs. 5 crore 7 lakh in gold jewelery from Arpita’s Taliganj and Belgharia apartments. In other words, a total of 55 crore 43 lakh rupees of silver and gold was recovered. According to Central Intelligence Agency sources, there was another person as an intermediary in this jewelry store. who again owns a clothing store in the Barasat area. After Partha Chatterjee was arrested, he went missing. ED also wants to question him.


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