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Moon phase diamond bracelet by Lindsey Scoggins – JCK

There is something about seeing the phases of the moon arranged in a line that is so enchanting and equally comforting.

It’s a novelty lately for fashion brands to incorporate it into their offerings – I’ve seen several T-shirts and the like with the phases presented in one way or another, either in a clever or simpler. My 4-year-old, on the other hand, has a riff about the phases of the moon, but instead of the celestial body, he has donuts in varying degrees of consumption. (I tried to explain the concept, but all he really cares about is his T-shirt being pink and donuts on it.)

Despite some of the cool moon phase pieces I’ve seen on the market, I’ve never been so fascinated by Lindsey Scoggins’ latest creation.

Lindsey Scoggins open moon phase bracelet
Lindsey Scoggins’ custom bracelet features moon phases set with pavé diamonds in a design that took 10 weeks to complete.

Designed to illuminate the arm with diamond-paved moons (some of the crescent moons are even studded with tiny stars), the personalized rose gold bracelet uses repeating patterns to make the phases appear continuous around the wrist.

Twenty-two individual castings were welded together and set with 175 pavé diamonds for a piece that, from sketch to CAD, casting to welding and finally assembly, took 10 weeks.

The jewelry industry loves its celestial styles, with particular stars enticing customers consistently and reliably. But the moon is also a popular icon, and in this case it’s the headliner of a design that’s not just seen, but experienced. You get more than just a familiar symbol with the Scoggins coin.

It may be the novelty of living in the countryside after being in the city for so long, but it’s been over a year, and I still can’t get enough of the sight of the moon from my bed at night. Sometimes it’s so big and bright it keeps me awake, and yet it’s not a complaint. The moon often feels like an old friend, providing the security of a night light while I fall asleep. It makes sense that the moon is so often depicted in so many children’s books.

Needless to say, I’m over the moon for this beauty.

Top: Personalized moon phase bracelet in 18k rose gold with 2 cts. two diamonds, $24,000; Lindsey Scoggin

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