Bracelet designs

Mod Fashion is back to shake up your spring wardrobe

From left to right : América González is wearing a Hermes dress; Ellen Christine Couture hat; Manolo Blahnik boots; designer bracelets. Autumn wears a Hermes dress; the stylist’s scarf and bracelets.

Sherry Shi wears a Dior top and skirt; Wolford tights; the stylist’s own gloves.

González wears a miu miu jacket, shirt, skirt, pants and belt; the designer’s own scarf.

From left to right : Shi wears a Chanel dress; the stylist’s scarf, bracelets, gloves and tights. González wears a Chanel jacket and skirt; David Webb earings; Giuseppe Zanotti boots; the stylist’s scarf, bracelets, gloves and tights.

From left to right : González wears a Stella McCartney High; Bad Binch Tong Tong by Terrence Zhou turtleneck dress. Autumn wears a Issey Miyake dress; Emilio Cavallini tights (worn on top and on the legs); Dinosaur Drawings and the designer’s own bracelets; Michael Kors collection The shoes; stylist’s earrings.

Autumn wears a Loewe top and leggings; the designer’s own scarf.

Shi wears a Junya Watanabe belted coat; Swarovski ring (left hand); Roger Vivier boots; designer earrings, necklace and ring.

Autumn wears a Giorgio Armani cape and bodysuit; Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello earings; stylist’s bracelets and gloves.

Autumn wears a Prada dress.

Shi wears a Michael Kors collection dress; Chanel bracelet; Emilio Cavallini tights; Dior boots; the stylist’s scarf and gloves.

Hairstyle by Sonny Molina; makeup by Raisa Flowers for Chanel at EDMA; manicure by Jin Soon Choi for JinSoon Nails at Home Agency. Models: América González at Supreme Management; Maty Fall and Sherry Shi at IMG. Casting by Michelle Lee at Michelle Lee Casting. Scenography by Mary Howard at MHS Artists. Produced by Second Name; production manager: Lisa Weatherby; production coordinator: Jesus Medina; light technician: James Sakalian; photo assistants: Kaitlin Tucker, Nick Payne; digital technician: Nick Rapaz; retouch: DTouch; fashion assistants: Szalay Miller, Courtney Mortson, Guy Miller; production assistants: Art Davidson, Rafael Martinez; hair assistants: Matthew Sosnowski, Nika Pearl Edwards; manicurist assistant: Leanne Woodley; set assistants: Michael Newton, Jason Beaucourt, Emmet Padgett.