Bracelet designs

Jewelry, a non-gendered fashion accessory!

Jewelry is often considered a feminine accessory, however, it is not necessary to belong to a particular gender to wear beautiful jewelry. In the past, searching for unisex jewelry may have led you to a selection of solid and monochromatic pieces, but that’s no longer the case. Day by day, men are more and more inclined towards the idea of ​​wearing jewelry outside their comfort zone, such as pearl necklaces and hoop earrings. Many brands demonstrate that gender-neutral pieces don’t have to be devoid of personality.

If you’re looking to add a few pieces to your collection, you’ll find some great gems in our roundup of the best unisex jewelry available.

Ridge Cross Charm Hoop Earrings

This is a piece of 90s fashion inspired mini hoop earrings with a vintage looking textured cross charm on a simple hinged hoop. The trend for this jewel is growing day by day. You can wear this hoop in one or both ears.

Rough textured wedding ring

Sleek and earthy but rough in appearance, this ring is quite thick, so it is best suited for men and women who prefer a sturdy and heavy ring. The exterior has a nice rough texture that isn’t too shiny.

Chunky Ribbed Chain Necklace

Its elegant design with clean details makes it an elegant piece of jewelry. Slip on this cuff bracelet for a bold solo look or pair it with a chunky chain to elevate your everyday look. This is part of the gender neutral collection for her, him and us.

Fused Triple Crest Cuff Bracelet

A sleek design that fuses triple ridge detailing with high shine. Easily slip on this cuff bracelet for a bold solo look or pair it with a chunky chain to add impact to your everyday style. Buy yourself a silver or gold bracelet and make your outfit stylish and funky.

pearl neck chain

Gone are the days when the pearl was reserved for women. A simple pearl necklace has become a gender-neutral accessory. Not only women, but also men wear a pearl necklace more often. Wear a white pearl necklace over a solid color shirt or t-shirt and jeans for a complete chic look.