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Internet raves about ‘life-changing’ hack to fix common fashion faux pas

You bought the perfect dress. The material feels nice to the touch and it’s a complementary color to your eyes, but it’s just a little loose around the waist. It’s a dilemma most clothes wearers face at least once, but a new viral hack provides a simple solution using items you probably already have.

The internet’s favorite hack involves just a headband and an earring or bracelet, but the results offer a look that’s far from simple.

Made popular by various online fashion influencers, the hack has taken off and garnered millions of views on TikTok.

The first step in the clothing alteration technique requires you to put it on the wrong way: upside down and upside down. Gathering the fabric, you take a metal earring or bracelet and insert it under the fabric at stomach level, before wrapping the fabric around it in the area you want to tighten .

Then a band of hair is wrapped around the earring or bracelet, holding the gathered fabric in place.

When the dress is then zipped or slid and put back in place, it fits perfectly without a bag in the back. The knotted area looks like a targeted ruched pattern at the back or front.

If your dress was too tight to take off and put back on with the band on, fashion influencer @kalechng offered an alternative: place the strap on the outside of the dress before lifting it up and placing the elastic around it from below. , @kalechng gained over 10 million views on his video of the hack in January.

Users tried it out for themselves on the social media platform and shared it with their followers, including @kristinakacheeva who gained over 120,000 likes on her post. In a comment, she explained that an earring and a bracelet work equally well.

On April 25, TikToker @serendipedi shared their take on the trick and gained over 500,000 likes.

There is, however, one thing in common between the videos: reaction. Fashion lovers vowed to try it out for themselves.

“It’s groundbreaking,” one user commented, while another noted, “It’s life changing.”

“So you’re telling me I got rid of my cute brown satin dress because it fit me weird when I could have done that,” another TikTok viewer added ruefully.

“It’s actually so smart,” another noted.

TikTok is certainly no stranger to helpful fashion hacks, and this one isn’t the first when it comes to adjusting clothing sizes. Compared to others though, this tie hack might be tamer.

Earlier this year, TikTokers started showering in their jeans in an effort to stretch their undersized jeans. The technique was introduced to the app by a vintage dealer who documented his first try of the trick, recommended by his grandmother.

It seemed to work, triggering a reminder of other users trying it themselves. The results were impressive, as fashion-loving TikTokers rushed to show off their perfectly fitting new jeans.

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