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Goldsmiths’ Fair, held each autumn in the stately halls of the Goldsmiths’ Company, attracted a wide range of British designer talent in October, from reinterpretations of Art Deco splendor to 3D printing.

Designers are carefully selected by the Goldsmiths’ Company, an august body representing the upper echelons of goldsmithing, from a flood of applications each year. For many of those chosen to exhibit, it is their greatest opportunity to earn an income.

Well-heeled sequins, aficionados of fine jewelry and fine craftsmanship, visit Goldsmiths’ Hall in London’s historic financial district and chat with the designers, goldsmiths and goldsmiths, perched at their stalls.

In between jewelry shopping, they can attend carefully curated design talks featuring well-known specialists in British industry, or enjoy coffee and cake with their friends in an elegant salon adorned with displays of jewelry. skillfully crafted in precious metals.

Goldsmiths’ fair @lucy.emms

The jewelry on sale at the fair ranges from recycled silver pieces to dazzling gem-set wonders, featuring rare and exquisite stones such as neon green Paraiba tourmalines.

The annual event takes place over two weeks, with half of the selected designers showcasing their latest designs in the first week, then handing over to the other half in the second week, with a day off in between to rearrange the stands.

Conversation pieces

The following five designers, in conversation with Solitaire, provide insight into the inspiration behind their pieces. Each has a very different take on the design, highlighting the variety of talent presented by Goldsmiths’ Fair:

Julia Lloyd George

Julia’s work focuses on the intersection of color, form and texture. It sources unusual gemstones of exceptional color. His innate sense of metal, proportion and finish, combined with his eye for color, allow him to instinctively present these stones to their best potential. Its Paraiba tourmalines tend to be set in beaten yellow gold, evoking the sea and sand.

“The color and texture of these magical Paraiba tourmalines: come to life when set in textured gold. Paraiba tourmalines are my specialty, but I also work with many other stones, such as emeralds, tanzanite, garnet and different colors of sapphires. Mix the colors together.

The 18K yellow gold cuff is set with extremely rare unheated Paraiba tourmaline cabochons. The stones are found in a range of colors from pale lilac to the more well-known neon turquoise color. Paraiba tourmalines continue to be Julia’s passion, but as it becomes increasingly difficult to source them, even from the most prolific mines in Mozambique, this makes the cuff unique!
The Vague necklace in 18k yellow gold is set with five faceted Brazilian Paraiba tourmalines of exceptional color, in graduated sizes. This is an extremely rare piece as the stones all come from the Brazilian mine which is now closed. They are set in 18k yellow gold settings and are attached to a solid “wave” crescent with semi-flexible fittings. It has a hand-polished matte gold surface, giving the piece a rich, timeless quality.

Lynne McLachlan

Lynne’s pieces play with patterns and colors, drawing inspiration from science and nature, with the aim of bringing pleasure to the wearer. Lynne skillfully explores the possibilities of digital tools, invoking captivating forms that display visual effects and possess tactile qualities. By hybridizing this approach with traditional metalworking techniques, the pieces are elevated to become exceptional examples of cutting-edge design.

“My work combines new 3D printing technology with more traditional techniques. One of the main materials I use is 3D printed nylon, which is a very nice lightweight yet strong material. The best part is that it can be dyed, so I do a lot of hand dyeing, and it really absorbs the dye to create vibrant colors.

The Quiver collar uses the flexible nature of 3D printed nylon to create a tactile, flexible collar that drapes around the neck, at collar length.
The Ripple ring crafted in gold vermeil features rippling, undulating patterns that converge in spirals around a 10mm golden natural citrine.

Elsa Sarantidou

His work is a unique balance between pure creativity and extreme design. Bold, charismatic and dramatic, his distinctive talent and style are easily recognizable. “I am a jeweler and a sculptor. All my work has different themes. I create curves, shaped by hand, with different colors – lots of contrasts. I like geometry, but I also like feminine curves. Also, I like really big earrings.

The Birds of Paradise ring crafted in 925 sterling silver is partially circled in 18k gold set with yellow sapphires.

Tomasz Donocik

Tomasz creates unique pieces that blur the lines between art and jewelry. He has developed a lifelong passion for art, film and literature, which continually inspires his bold contemporary creations. “My jewelry is inspired by the Art Deco movements. Because I was a painter before being a jeweller, I like to paint with stones so all my decorations are a form of painting with stones.

Knot earrings in 18 carat gold set with diamonds.

Tamara Gomez

Tamara crafts fine jewelry designed to celebrate curiosity and wonder. Her jewelry captivates with distinctive details. Uncut diamonds and ethereal gemstones are set in an organic, textured style reminiscent of the land they came from. “I love working with rough gemstones. I love the imperfection of gemstones – just like people!”

Sequin diamond slice earrings in 18k yellow gold. Richly textured gold stud earrings with three slices of sparkling diamonds on each earring.