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Hajj pilgrim recovers gold bracelet lost in Jeddah flight

ISLAMABAD: A lost gold bracelet found on a plane bound for Jeddah was given to a Hajj pilgrim who left it on the plane, ARY NEWS reported.

The woman was traveling to Saudi Arabia from a flight to Jeddah from Islamabad to perform Hajj when she lost her gold bracelet.

Airline staff later found the bracelet and handed it over to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. “We gave the bracelet to the passenger,” he said.

Incidents of PIA staff returning valuables to passengers have been frequently reported in the past.

Earlier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) staff returned the valuables of a female passenger who arrived at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi from London on Saturday.

According to the details, the woman left her belongings in the departure lounge from where PIA staff picked them up and then handed them over to the woman.

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The woman who arrived from London was traveling to Peshawar from Karachi Airport via PK350 when she left the bag containing pounds, jewelry and other valuables.

This is not the first time that PIA employees have returned lost Valuable objects to customers.