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Fun discoveries in time for Easter

We’re just a stone’s throw away from Easter holidays and the art of living, and parenting expert Amanda Mushro has some great Easter basket ideas for kids of all ages.

Best part: Amanda says they’re fun and won’t break the bank either. From plush toys to fun games, here are some of his fun finds.

Soothing sleeper for your little bunny

If you’re looking for a calming way to celebrate the holidays this year, why not opt ​​for the Sleep Sheep from Cloud b. Amanda says it can play soft, reassuring nature-inspired sounds and is the perfect companion for a quiet, restful night for baby and parents. To buy one today, visit,

A “crazy” way to make children think

Crazy Aaron’s Mini Boxes are the perfect way to celebrate the season without the mess of putty or slime. Reflection Putty comes in different themes, from fresh grass to speckled eggs, and even changes color through heat transfer. Putty also helps build hand and finger strength and is a great way to encourage tactile play and encourage easy cleaning too. Find the perfect box for your little one at

An ecological gift on Easter Sunday

Monsterkins are known to be created by the earth and for the earth and they are adorable too. Even better, depending on which character you choose, it takes around three to 26 water bottles to make just one. So whether you go for Trash Foot, Trashzilla, Binnie, or Vish, you’re helping the environment with every character you choose. Monsterkins are sold separately and come in two different sizes. To find out more visit,

A new way to “Bubble Pop”

So many kids know and love popping bubbles and pop-it and a new Go PoP game combines the two into one easy game. Race to pop the bubbles by completing the challenges to win the round! The game is ideal for fostering quick reflexes, hand-eye coordination and good observation skills. To buy the game today, click here.

Celebrate life with an American statement coin

Luca + Danni have great gift ideas for hard-to-buy teens and tweens. With a wide selection of jewelry to choose from, the company offers bracelets in three sizes in gold, silver, bronze and more. They also have beautiful collections available for all seasons, including Easter holidays. To buy a wristband or two today, visit

For even more fun finds and parenting tips, visit Amanda online at and Happy Easter!