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There’s nothing like a new piece of jewelry to lift your spirits as we head into the darker, colder season.

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Not only is it something you can wear every day without fear of being judged for the last time you showered, but it will also catch your eye every once in a while and bring you a sense of pride and joy. private.

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Whether you choose sparkly new earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or more, Rebecca Tay presents five pieces of jewelry ready to be loved and worn.


We’re not sure why we’ve never seen this approach to hoop earrings before, but it sure is smart. They’re reversible, so you can choose which color appears in front while providing a more unique view for anyone sitting behind you. Designed by Canadian brand Hillberg & Berk, they come in four different color combinations – which, if you get them all, is essentially like adding eight pairs of earrings to your collection.

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Hillberg and Berk, | $130


We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again, you simply can’t go wrong with a gold pendant necklace, and we love this “Mila” version from Vancouver-based label Lisbeth Jewelry. Whether you layer it over a chunky necklace and a series of other pendants – very cool – or wear it alone with a deep V-neck top (so, so elegant), it’s a delicate and versatile piece that will will soon be at the height of rotation in your wardrobe.

Lisbeth Jewelry, | $84


Pearls have really had a resurgence in recent years, losing any old-fashioned, stuffy connotation they may have had. Case in point: this pair of freshwater pearl bracelets, which also feature glass stones and gold-plated brass wire for a little extra sparkle. Try wearing them over long sleeves rather than under them for an edgy, fashion editor-approved look.

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J Crew, | $70.50


The new Heart collection from trendy Canadian brand Mejuri is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Bold and a bit abstract, it comes in a necklace and ring and in a range of materials: think 14k yellow gold with diamonds, pink enamel with vibrant tsavorite, black enamel with white or cream enamel sapphires with blue sapphires. Whichever version you choose, it’s a sweet and playful statement piece.

Mejuri, | $128


Does that little keychain necklace and matching hoops remind anyone else of their third grade diary? The one that came with a tiny padlock that could be unlocked with a universal key, with almost no notches? If not so be it. If so, this set offers a bit of nostalgia that should lift your spirits every time you look at it.

Oak + Strong, | $$22 each