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Eva Longoria and Cynthia Erivo prove it’s time to wear big yellow gold watches

JWO TRENDS are emerging in watches: the ones we see on celebrities, and the ones we see emerging from renowned jewelry houses.

The watch trend we’re seeing on the red carpet is big, bold yellow gold men’s watches on women’s wrists, like the one Eva Longoria recently saw wearing at the 68th Taormina Film Festival 2022 in Italy. The oversized yellow gold watch, which appears to have an orange dial and could be a Rolex, was worn with a variety of textured link and bangle bracelets on the wrist, as well as layered chains combined with a diamond necklace around its neck and a variety of rings on her fingers.

This mix of jewelry trends with an eye-catching watch was also seen on Cynthia Erivo, who wore one to the BET Awards. Along with sporting multiple diamond rings (accented by her nail art) and mismatched earrings worn in multiples, Erivo added a statement watch to her wrist.

These two examples of large gold watches worn by female celebrities come hot on the heels of Rihanna recently sporting a custom yellow gold Rolex. As yellow gold continues to strengthen, will the trend for these flashier watches find their way onto the wrists of us real girls?

On the other hand, we could follow the path of renowned houses such as Gucci, Bulgari, Hermès and Van Cleef & Arpels, which have recently presented watches worn everywhere but on the wrist – from rings to watches with padlocks, including intricate pendants on equally intricate objects. Chains.

Either way, one thing is for sure: it’s time to wear watches that stand out like we wear our other jewelry.