Bangle bracelets

Cute bracelets to wear in 2022

Wristbands will be never go out of style.

They have continued to be a part of fashion since their epic popularization in the 80s and have retained their versatility, chic aesthetic and charm. We love the many ways to stack and style these jewels, their limitless designs, and the overall vibe they bring to any outfit. And if you love them as much as we do, keep scrolling to check out some of the cutest bangle bracelets.

Simple Ink Alloy Set of 6 Brass Bracelets: $65

If youdon’t like too much dramatic jewelry, go for something delicate! This reasonable set of six well-made brass bracelets from Ink Alloy is a great place to start. TheyIt’s still a standout piece, but it can be worn alone or stacked with all six. This delicate craftsmanship will upgrade your wardrobe in a flash.

(via ink + alloy)

Coach Signature Thin Enamel Bracelet: $40

If youIf you’re looking for something a little more detailed, this slim strip is calling your name. He has Coachs logo wrapped around a silver base – how cute! Thiss bright and can add excitement to your jewelry collection and would then fun paired with other colorful bands. But, if the money is notFor your thing, Coach offers two gold options with orange or green backgrounds.

a fun Coach monogram bracelet

(via Coach Outlet)

Ellie Vail Raina thread bracelet: $40

This twist bracelet from Ellie Vail is stunning and a step up from a simple gold bracelet. It stands out a bit more than a base group and is still stackable! In addition, it is of high quality thanks to its stainless steel and water resistance. This bracelet is also hypoallergenic, which is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

gold wire bracelet

(via Ellie Vail)

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Gorjana Parker Link Bracelet: $110

Gorjana is one of our favorite jewelry brands already thanks to their attention to detail and timeless qualities, and this bracelet is no different! The chic link silhouette is simply stunning and is a tasteful piece that belongs in your collection. We love this modern take on a classic link bracelet!

Parker link bracelet

(via Gorjana)

Tory Burch Kira Printed Enamel Bracelet: $100

If you like Tory Burch, you need to get your hands on this stunner of a bracelet. This is a unique version of their enamel bracelet with a gold band adorned with intricate floral designs. With pops of green and yellow, we love the idea of ​​pairing it with other simple gold bracelets for an arm effect.

Tory Burch Patterned Bangle Bracelet

(via Tory Burch)

Aritzan emerald bracelet: $55

This beautiful bangle bracelet from Aritzan features five emerald zirconia stones embellished in the gold plated stainless steel band. Thisa nice choice, especially for those who love green and gold! These bracelets would also make great gifts for your best friends during the upcoming holidays.

beautiful stoned emerald bracelet

(via Craftsman)

Alexis Bittar Rocky Gold Studded Hinge Bracelet: $105

If you shy away from neutrals and want something a little more eye-catching, this neon yellow bangle from Alexis Bittar is just what you need. It looks great on a long sleeve or even plain against your skin. The opportunities are unending with accessories, so why not add some fun options to the mix?

bright and bold neon yellow strap

(via Alexis Bittar)

Bracelet Ana Luisa Diana: $65

You can never go wrong with a simple gold bracelet, and thats exactly why we love Ana Luisa’s so much. This has a nice polished shine, a subtle wave design and would look seamless next to a watch. Do not hesitate to combine it with other jewelry to bring more liveliness to your outfit.

Ana Luisa Diana bracelet with subtle wave

(via Ana Luisa)

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Abbott Lyon Knot Bracelet: $60

Wearing silver and gold was such a big fashion faux pas…for reasons we will never understand! Silver and gold can totally be mixed, as this bracelet from Abbott Lyon shows. With a knot design, this bracelet connects the two metals with its two-tone design.

two-tone knot bangle bracelet

(via Abbé Lyon)

Vibella Fan Fan Wristbands: $14

If youIf you’re looking for bracelets that will make a statement, look no further than these big, chunky bracelets from Vibella. Made by artists in Haiti, youNot only will you be supporting a small business, but youI’ll look cute doing it! Made from cow horns, these bracelets will enhance any outfit.

stackable fan fan bracelets

(via ViBella)

Bracelet Hey Harper Zena: $65

This gorgeous chunky band from Hey Harper features a twirling style that we simply adore. Thisa simple yet beautiful design for a bracelet while being elegant and fashionable. It can be worn alone to stand out or stacked with one of your other favorite accessories.

Zena Bracelet

(via Hey Harper)

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