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Cartier Crafts Limited Edition Trinity Collection for Chitose Abe de Sacai – WWD

Cartier has created a one-of-a-kind collection with a new take on its iconic Trinity collection for designer Chitose Abe, making its catwalk debut for Abe’s Sacai Fall 2022 offering, presented in Paris.

A first for the French Maison, the collection was seen as a “creative encounter” by the watchmaker and jeweler owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont, and was born out of conversations and encounters in 2019 between Abe and the international managing director of Cartier. , Cyrille Vigneron. The two connected on topics centered on the brands’ design synergies, naturally evolving towards the possibility of joining for a new creative moment.

“Chitose is a singular creator. Before building, she deconstructs. She deconstructs clothes, functions, fabrics and reassembles them in her own way, unlike any other. In this process, she finds harmony and a sensual balance between timelessness and topicality, casual and dressy, new but classic,” Vigneron explained of Abe, who is also a Cartier client wearing pieces from the Trinity collection. and Love in his daily life. day life. “This Trinity collection for Chitose Abe from Sacai has deconstructed the iconic three-bracelet ring to reconstruct it in a whole new way, extending from one finger to many, finding new movements and new links”, a- he declared, adding: “this collection is a new metaphor for love, friendship and fidelity. A new art of the trio, not stereotyped, powerful but soft. So Sacai.

Abe began her fashion career as a pattern cutter at Comme des Garçons, working under Rei Kawakubo, and later served on Junya Watanabe’s design team. She launched Sacai in Japan in 1999 and quickly became known for her approach to fashion, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, freeing herself from distinctions through the idea of ​​hybridization.

“When I design clothes, the dimensionality, the balance between the expected and the unexpected and that sense of movement captured in the silhouette – using what may seem so familiar as a starting point and creating something completely new is the essence of the brand,” Abe explained. “That’s what I maintain in my design process for Sacai, which I think makes this partnership fit perfectly into this ready-to-wear collection.”

The Cartier Trinity collection made for Chitose Abe, backstage at Abe’s Sacai’s Fall 2022 show in Paris.

“It feels so natural to incorporate jewelry into the Sacai ready-to-wear collection, because my work has always been very personal to me,” Abe explained, “as well as this Trinity design of playing with the shapes that I admired; doing something new from a starting point of something familiar.

The six-piece jewelry collection is crafted in Cartier’s creative studio, inspired by the clean precision of the nearly century-old Trinity collection – historically comprised of three interlocking, movable rings in yellow, rose and white gold. Reimagined by Cartier through the lens of Abe’s creative process, the collection continues the House’s long tradition of bespoke orders, where an open approach to design is a key exercise in creation, but the result here, for Abe, is unique. – out of collection intended for the public.

“The Trinity collection embodies Cartier’s design vision, where jewelers reveal the beauty of form with clean lines and perfect proportions, so it’s very exciting to have the eye of Chitose Abe, a designer who shares so many synergies with our House”, remarked Arnaud Carrez, senior vice-president and marketing director of Cartier International. “Trinity is made up of three interlocking rings in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold and this encounter is no different – the reinterpretation comes from a play on volume and proportions. That was both the interest of Chitose Abe and our House to reinterpret a classic or, as Louis Cartier would call it, a “mother idea”.

The collection consists of two rings, a bracelet, a necklace and two earrings in 18k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold starting at $3,900. After debuting on the Sacai Fall 2022 runway, the pieces will begin retailing this summer exclusively in Japan, before arriving in the US, France, UK and Korea in the fall.

“Normally there is no name association with Cartier and the way we worked with Chitose Abe is similar to the way we work with a client who creates a special order,” Carrez pointed out. “There was a level of confidence in our efforts and a refined eye, on its part, with an appreciation for our designs and craftsmanship.”

Although this is a first for Cartier, Abe, who is married to Junichi Abe, founder and designer of Kolor, has numerous design partnerships under her belt, including one with Nike, which sold to its release, creating a lot of buzz on sneaker resale sites. ; and collections with Kaws, Acronym, Tomo Koizumi, APC and Kim Jones of Dior.

“I am enchanted by the story of Trinity, which is so close to my personal values ​​and those to which I aspire for Sacai – the principles of love, fidelity and friendship, which I consider to be more important than any something else in life and the values ​​by which I have tried to conduct my life and my work,” Abe said.

Could this pave the way for things to come from Cartier? “We would never say never when it comes to future designs, but we consider this more ‘unique’ and the final question is always, is it Cartier?” Carrez said.

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