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(BPRW) BlueSmokeATL Raises the Bar for Stylish Stretch Bracelets | Press Releases

(BPRW) BlueSmokeATL, raising the bar for stylish stretch bracelets

With its bespoke luxury wristband designs, BlueSmokeATL provides the perfect on-trend solution for people looking for sophisticated and luxurious wristbands.

(Black PR Wire) Atlanta, Georgia— Luxury stretch bracelets have been in fashion for quite some time. However, it’s common to see people complaining about poor quality stretchy bracelets that don’t last as long as expected. BlueSmokeATL aims to solve this specific problem by offering exquisite, handcrafted bracelets that perfectly match a person’s wrist size. These handmade bracelets hold their shape well and last a long time.

From November through April, the BlueSmokeATL award-winning, limited-edition wristband series offers three unique wristband designs each month. This collection will introduce a total of 18 different bracelet styles in six months. Interested persons are advised to reserve their places first as BlueSmokeATL, they only plan to make 50 unique wristbands. Likewise, the wristband design for a particular month will be retired at the end of that month.

“When people want a luxury, handcrafted bracelet, they want something that’s going to be a statement piece and looks great,” says designer Robin James. “Wouldn’t you like to have a handcrafted, exquisite bracelet designed just for your wrist size. Check out our monthly limited edition collection by BlueSmokeATL. Our designs, bead colors and craftsmanship will cut you the breath. Declaration of capacity

This limited time opportunity is perfect for people who want to get their hands on high quality, graceful and stylish stretch bracelets. They are the perfect holiday and birthday gifts, thank you, corporate rewards and team incentives for the special someone in your life. Use this link to visit the website to see our wristbands and other awesome stuff. Our second anniversary arrives on November 13, contact us to get your invite at [email protected]

About “Robin James and BlueSmokeATL

Robin James is a designer, entrepreneur, and woman of color based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since childhood, Robin has had a passion for design. Her mother, a former seamstress, encouraged and supported Robin to pursue her passion by supporting her in her exploration of the arts. BlueSmokeATL, LLC is proud to announce its recent Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) award from the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC).

Today, Robin has established a personal studio in Atlanta and offers handcrafted bracelet designs to thousands of customers worldwide. She believes in serving customers by creating timeless pieces that have a sophisticated and elegant touch. To sign up for her exquisite creations, visit

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