Bangle bracelets

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, March 9, 2022, written update: Akshay disrespects Ram

In today’s episode, Priya and Ram argue about shopping. Akshay wonders why Gram lied and says he can’t give it to Vedika and thinks everything will be fine once Vedika is gone. He says Priya is like planet Venus as she is in her own direction. She says he is like Pluto which is far away and different. Shivina tells Nandini that she wants the other bracelet that Ram kept aside for Shubham’s future wife. Nandini is shocked and says it is her mother’s bracelet.

Ram comes there and she asks him to give her that other bracelet. Shivina asks what is the matter and Vedika on the other hand goes to Akshay’s room to find the bracelet. Mami says Akshay must have planted this idea on Shivina. He says there is nothing wrong with Shivina having the bracelet too and a Ram says he will make a new one. Priya finds Vedika in Akshay’s room and asks what is she doing. She says she can handle herself as she has already created a lot of drama for her. They both argue. Nandini says she just wanted the bracelets to stay in the house so there is nothing wrong and starts crying. Priya and Vedika come and Akshay asks Ram if Nandini is telling the truth. Priya asks what happened and Ram says Akshay wanted his mother’s bracelet for Shivina. Priya asks how can Akshay ask like that.

Akshay asks Ram if he won’t give the bracelet to Shivina as she is his stepsister. Priya goes to slap Akshay but Ram stops her. Priya asks him to apologize to Ram and he does and leaves. Priya apologizes to Nandini for Akshay’s behavior. Afterwards, Priya packs her bag and Ram asks her why she is going. She says he shouldn’t have stopped her from scolding Akshay. He says everything is fine and she says she knows he was hurt by her words.

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