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Bad Bunny Gives D-FW Fans A Good Stranding Time At AT&T Stadium

On Friday night, Bad Bunny performed his “World’s Hottest Tour” at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

For the musical party, Conejo Malo used beach landscapes and screens with images to transport the thousands of attendees who filled the room to a summer paradise in the Caribbean for a few hours.

Accompanied by palm trees, a red and white cooler, a beach chair, a drink in his hand and a heart-shaped microphone, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio — named after the Puerto Rican singer — began the concert with his song “Moscow Mule.”

Before Bad Bunny hit the stage, DJs Alesso and Diplo opened for the crowd, preparing the audience for an evening of intense perreo heavy twerking.

The Dallas Cowboys stadium became a summer party where many attendees sported looks inspired by Bad Bunny dancers and videos. Hairstyles with braids, brooches in the shape of butterflies, buns with colored hair ties and more were seen throughout the room. And since it was a summer party, retro-style neon swimsuits and beachwear (with a contemporary twist) were the hallmark of the event.

Hundreds of fans also wore khaki bucket hats with the cartoon heart logo that has become a trademark of the Puerto Rican entertainer.

Benito, as many of his fans affectionately call him, wore a green and yellow patterned suit, white undershirt, colorful necklace and white sneakers.

Each participant received a bracelet activated to the rhythm of the music and synchronized with the bracelets of the other participants. Shortly after the Latin singer began performing “Party,” the bracelets pulsed with red light.

Bad Bunny has won dozens of music awards over his six-year career. Last month he was named Artist of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards – the first non-English speaking musician to receive the award, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Benito had guest singer Chencho Corleone, a fellow Puerto Rican. Together they lifted their North Texas fans with their popular song “me port bonito», whose verse, «Tú no eres bebecita, tú eres bebesota“, has become a buzzword among fans in recent months.

At one point during the show, Benito took a ride on a floating palm tree while singing “Suppression” for his fans. The Puerto Rican greeted his fans from above during his trip.

This was Bad Bunny’s last stop in Texas on the tour. During a break between songs, the singer greeted the different nationalities in the audience, especially his fellow Puerto Ricans, one of the largest communities in the region.

“Make Puerto Ricans feel Dallas,” Bad Bunny shouted. “Que se sientan los boricuas en Dallas.”

After that he sang “El Apagon”, which refers to the power outages in Puerto Rico and the lives of Puerto Ricans. During the song, the stage and screens were turned off.

To end his night in Dallas, Bad Bunny caused a stir with “From the beach”, running and dancing on stage as his fans jumped to the beat.

Grateful for the energy and dedication of the fans throughout the concert, the Puerto Rican singer said goodbye around 11 p.m., bringing the summer party to an end.

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