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All the Highlights from Metaverse Fashion Week 2022

Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), the first four-day event of its kind, was held on Decentraland from March 24-27, 2022.

The scintillating event was not only a milestone for the fashion world, but also a cornerstone of the concept of Metaverse and all that it will become in the near future.

Decentralizedthe host of the MVFW, is built on the Ethereum blockchain and started out as a pixelated 2D grid before evolving into a 3D universe.

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 Highlights

The MVFW reportedly had over 60 fashion brands showcasing over 500 looks. Other highlights include more than four after parties and the presence of prominent artists during the four-day event.

Among the many top brands and stores at the event were Selfridges, Estée Lauder, Bulova, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna and Etro.

The MVFW was open to everyone on Decentraland and was a completely free event where visitors could purchase NFTs from fashion brands using the MANA platform’s native decentralized cryptocurrency through their digital wallets.

Exclusive digital events were also part of the MVFW. Runway events, technical demonstrations and meetings with designers were part of the VIP events.

Selfridges store opening

The MVFW kicked off with London retailer Selfridges opening its flagship store with an immersive experience featuring the Paco Rabanne + Victor Vasarely collection. These are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be viewed in the virtual store by anyone on Decentraland.

The launch is said to be inspired by the retailer’s store in Birmingham and takes visitors on a guided tour of past works, history and highlights across NFTs.

Estée Lauder launches wearable NFT

In partnership with metaverse artist Alex Box, famed beauty brand Estée Lauder has launched a quirky NFT wearable inspired by its popular serum, Advanced Night Repair.

A limited amount of 10,000 free Advanced Night Repair NFTs was available for the duration of the MVFW.

Users could claim a wearable NFT to give their avatars a special glowing aura by virtually stepping inside the Advanced Night Repair “Little Brown Bottle” and unlocking a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) badge.

Estée Lauder was Decentraland’s only beauty brand.

Bulova launches Computrom watch version

Image: Courtesy of Feeka Café/@FeekaCafe/Twitter

Watchmaker Bulova has presented a reinterpreted version of its iconic Compurom wristwatch in collaboration with D-Cave – which is described as a “lifestyle metaverse”.

Besides their NFT, the watch is available for purchase for visitors in both a wearable avatar version and a physical version.

Available in the black and green colourway, the Special Edition version of the watch is only available in NFT – limited to 1,000. It features an exhibition mineral crystal case that showcases the circuit board inside.

According to D-CAVE, it “features a sleek black IP stainless steel case and matching strap with a green LED time display with dual time zone capabilities.”

The Standard Computron D-CAVE physical edition would cost $450 and Bulova will accept cryptocurrencies as payment via BitPay.

Round tables

Key panel discussions throughout MVFW were moderated by CashLabs’ David Cash at the CashLabs Gallery.

MVFW’s keynote featured French fashion and furniture designer Alexandre de Betak.

Another, titled “Entering the Metaverse; Dressing our Avatars’, features Nervora Founder-CEO Shashi Menon, Steven Leaton of Boson Protocol, Allison Sturges of Genies and Ready Player Me CEO Timmu Tõke with Giovanna Casemiro.

A special panel discussion took place on experiencing fashion from a virtual perspective featuring Show Studio’s Nick Knight and Calumn Knight.

Panel discussions on CashLabs covered topics such as digital fashion, e-commerce and the metaverse, virtual tailoring, the concept of sustainability in fashion, and the history and future of virtual fashion.

The CashLabs Gallery also hosted a two-day film festival organized by SHOWstudio held throughout the day on March 26-27.

Discussion and opening of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger
Image: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger/@TommyHilfiger/Twitter

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger showcased its Spring 2022 collection virtually at MVFW and opened a digital store allowing visitors to purchase brand-connected NFTs. Boson Protocol helped Tommy Hilfiger build his presence in the Metaverse. The label’s store can be visited in Boson Portal on Decentraland.

Among the items available for visitors to purchase NFTs were the women’s madras shirt and a unisex hoodie bearing the Hilfiger logo. Physical versions of the items could also be obtained by redeeming the NFTs.

On March 25, Boson Protocol’s Justin Banon and Victoria May joined Metaverse expert Cathy Hackl, known as the “Godmother of the Metaverse,” and designer Tommy Hilfiger for a fireside chat about Metaverse fashion. .

Opening of the luxury district with Dolce & Gabanna, Etro and others

Image: Courtesy of Decentraland Twitter

A brand new luxury district has been opened by UNXD and the Decentraland Foundation. This is where MVFW’s main luxury fashion show was held daily.

Taking inspiration from Paris’ Avenue Montaigne, the area is home to luxury fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabanna and Etro as well as luxury watchmaker Franck Muller.

In the neighborhood, Etro unveiled the Liquid Paisley collection as part of MVFW. Launched in partnership with UNXD in the brand’s store, the digital wearables will be airdropped to Decentraland users once they submit their wallet address, which has a deadline of March 31.

The Luxury Quarter is also where Decentraland debuted their very first NFT emotes. Users had the chance to grab them for free, on a first-come, first-served basis.

These NFTs were made available on a special statue – a floating youth with outstretched arms – in the neighborhood.

According to Decentraland, a user must “spammer the ‘Money’ emote” at law until a progress bar is full. Once done, one of three fashion-related NFT emotes will appear in the user’s Emote Backpack limited to one per person. All three unique emotes are redeemable on the Decentraland Marketplace.

Dolce & Gabbana presents its first fashion show at the MVFW

Dolce & Gabbana
Image: Courtesy of Martin Shibuya/@martinshibuya/Twitter

Dolce & Gabbana presented a series of models on the MVFW runway featuring feline models.

Strutting up a massive ramp amid what looked like a galactic nightclub, the cat-faced models posed in unique D&G attire, including a sleek yellow dress emblazoned with the brand’s logo all over.

Fresh Couture, which debuted in the metaverse with a boutique in Decentraland at MVFW, notably featured a fashion show.

Sophia, the robot, makes her presence felt at Metaverse Fashion Week

Image: Courtesy of Decentraland Twitter

One of the biggest highlights of Metaverse Fashion Week was the presence of Sophia, the world-renowned humanoid robot designed and created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. Sophia has been seen touring several areas around the Decentraland world and particularly around MVFW spots such as Rarible Fresh Drip Zone.

On social media, Decentraland encouraged visitors to spot Sophia anywhere on the platform and post selfies with her on Twitter with the hashtag, #findingsophiatherobot. This allowed users to participate in a special NFT giveaway.

Some Twitter users shared their encounter with the internationally renowned robot at MVFW.

Rarible’s Cool Drip Zone

Image: Courtesy of Decentraland Twitter

Inspired by the streets of New York, Rarible’s NFT Fresh Drip Zone retail platform featured pop-up stores from 12 brands, including PUMA, Perry Ellis and Fred Segal.

Designers such as The Manufacturer, Girl Gang Label, Placebo, Artisant and others were also among those featured in the Fresh Drip Zone.

This is also where the special collections of Swiss Vault and Miss J watches represented by Crypto Couture are available.

In the center of the area is a domed Rarible store where special NFTs and select unique pieces can be seen. Visitors can also participate in giveaways in the store.

Decentraland says the Fresh Drip Zone location is temporary, but it’s unclear if it will be dismantled after MVFW concludes.

Threedium opens a virtual mall

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022
Image: Courtesy of Threedium/@Threedium/Twitter

Threedium is a 3D engine that has partnered with creative production agency Craft to launch a virtual mall in Decentraland during MVFW.

Interestingly, it was the Threedium 3D engine that made Metaverse Fashion Week possible with its unique program capable of instantly converting 2D designs into 3D models.

The Threedium shopping center hosts several branded boutiques in addition to 3D clothing from global brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Casablanca, DKNY and Paco Rabanne. Deals from brands that only exist in the virtual space, such as DeadFellaz and FangGang, were also available at the mall.

Cathy Hackl, in her avatar form, gave a welcome speech at the mall’s grand opening.

Several parties featuring acclaimed singers and DJs

Argentine rapper and singer Nicki Nicole performed at an after-party at the end of day three at MVFW on March 26.

In just over two years, Nicole has become one of the biggest names on the Latin American and Spanish music scene.

She has been nominated for Latin Grammys and other top honors in Argentine and Spanish music. Nicole has also been to Coachella and made her US television debut with a performance on Jimmy Fallon The show tonight in 2021.

Among other performances on Day 3, DJ Bob Sinclair opened the evening by performing on a set created by traditional Italian lifestyle brand Hogan. This event was created in collaboration with the platform NFT Exclusible, which described it as the “first-ever metaverse dance competition”.


Metaverse Fashion Week 2022
Image: Courtesy of Marc-O-Matic/@marc0matic/Twitter

Indie artist Marc-O-Matic’s boutique went live during Metaverse Fashion Week. On Twitter, the designer thanked Rarible and Metakey for the opportunity. Shop visitors could explore one-of-a-kind creations such as a three-piece set dubbed Space Jockey, which resembled a futuristic space suit.

Hero and featured image: Courtesy of Decentraland Twitter