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All Jewels Recovered As Two Men Arrested For Yuen Long Robbery

Two Pakistani men were arrested on Thursday evening for the robbery at a Yuen Long jewelry store which took place in the afternoon, while all the gold ornaments worth around HK$1 million were recovered.

The burglary happened at 1.10pm on Thursday when a South Asian man armed with a knife broke into the ground floor store on Fook Hong Street, grabbed at least three trays of ornaments in gold and fled.

Live sources said the burglar dropped his phone during his escape and, although other pedestrians called him back, he did not stop to pick it up for fear the cops could arrive at any moment .

The case was then handled by the Yuen Long District Criminal Squad. After checking security camera footage from the jewelry store and other nearby stores, officers raided an apartment overnight and arrested two Pakistani men, aged 33 and 34, for theft.

They hold the commitment forms – a temporary exit permit issued by the Department of Immigration, and are unemployed.

Officers then recovered all the gold ornaments – a pendant, 48 bracelets and 25 necklaces – from the bushes of Wing Lung Wai, a village in Kam Tin, Yuen Long. Officers located the suspect’s clothing and backpack.