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A jewelry fair in Singapore will make history

The countdown is nearly over to the launch of Jewelery and Gem World Singapore, which is set to begin on September 27.

With more than 1,000 exhibitors from 30 countries scheduled to take part in the four-day show, organizers have reportedly increased the total area reserved to 35,000 square meters to meet demand.

Informa Markets Director of Jewelry Shows Celina Lau said the show will present products from the entire jewelry chain.

“We are delighted to welcome people back to the JGW exhibition space and to the world’s largest regional market for fine jewelry and watches – Asia,” she said.

“Everyone in commerce is talking about the importance of kick-starting our community back to business, and JGW Singapore is our way of doing that. More than ever, this B2B [business-to-business] The jewelry market is vital to an industry that thrives on relationships, collaboration and creativity.

Jewelery and Gem World Singapore is set to replace the Hong Kong Jewelery and Gemstone Fair in September on an ad hoc basis, with the relocation caused by the COVID pandemic.

Singapore allows fully vaccinated visitors to enter the country without pre-departure testing, arrival testing and quarantine, while Hong Kong still requires incoming travelers to quarantine and pass pre-departure testing and at the arrival.


Diamond enthusiasts and buyers should find a wide range of loose stones as well as a variety of different hues of some of the rarest fancy colored diamonds at the Diamond Zone and other international show pavilions throughout. along the living room.

Antwerp-based Taché Company NV will present exceptional diamonds, including the 342-carat Queen of Kalahari, the 910-carat Lesotho Legend and the 29.59-carat fancy pink diamond, The Rose of Kao.

Another major diamond exhibitor, Singapore-based House of Gems Limited, will showcase its “rare of the rare” vividly colored diamond collection which will feature the world’s first rhinoceros cut GIA graded diamond known as ” Rhino Modified Brilliant”.

colored gemstones

A variety of colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, opals, jade as well as gemstone jewelry will be on display.

Thai jewelry store Duang Kaew will launch Alyssa, its opulent ruby ​​and sapphire jewelry collection featuring a ruby ​​necklace containing 676 rubies weighing a total of 134.31 carats, 1,788 diamonds weighing 22 carats and a flower-patterned necklace with 724 sapphires blues weighing 17 carats, 229 tsavorites weighing 4.7 carats and 148 diamonds weighing 1.58 carats.

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Several unique and expertly designed sapphire pieces held in place by almost invisible metal claws and tightly bound on an intricate metal mesh will also be presented by the exhibitor during the fair.

Bangkok-based Alahmar Co Ltd – a supplier of diamonds and gemstones – will also launch its innovative Ceramond collection which uses high quality modern ceramic materials in conjunction with gold and gemstones. The new range is said to “stand apart from traditional jewelry and appeal to the younger generation”.


Radiant pearls will also take center stage at JGW, with a number of high profile Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearl suppliers setting up their displays in Asia’s largest jewelery show. .

One is the heart-shaped golden South Sea pearls from the Japanese company Nagahori Corporation, as well as its range of Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls presented in the form of individual parts, strands and handcrafted jewelry.

P&J Co Ltd of Shibuya, Japan will also launch its Akoya pearl jewelry collection which includes an 18k gold necklace with Akoya pearls divided into sets of three and interspersed with gold roundels, an open style gold bracelet minimalist with Akoya pearl tips, and earrings with Akoya pearls that create the illusion of floating as if by magic on gold hoops.


The change of venue may have taken some getting used to for some international buyers and exhibitors, however, David Bondi, senior vice president of Informa Markets, said the level of support for the event was overwhelming. .

“Bringing the community together after nearly three years apart, JGW Singapore offers professional suppliers and buyers a fresh start as they come together to gain business knowledge and inspiration and explore real opportunities for long-term partnerships. “, did he declare.

“JGW Singapore would not be possible without the support of our industry partners, led by the professional buyer community, our valued exhibitors, vibrant industry associations, government agencies, the media and the Government of Singapore. “

He added: “We believe in the future of our industry; more importantly, we believe in our industry stakeholders. Together, let’s seize the opportunities that arise in the recovery. »


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