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9 charm bracelets from the early 2000s that were Adorbs totes – PHOTOS


There were many trends we looked at in the early 2000s. Velor tracksuits, platform thongs, asymmetrical skirts, trucker hats: the list can go on and on. But one of the most notable looks were the charm bracelets from the early 2000s that almost every teenage girl seemed to own. The bigger the chain, the better, and the more charms it is loaded with, the more elegant it is. In an era when everything had to be personalized (from locker doors to monogrammed handbags), it was no surprise that we were drawn to this quirky jewelry.

Plus, they came in a plethora of styles and there wasn’t one right way to wear them. You can choose tiny and dainty charms or large noisy charms the size of baby fists. You can go the Pandora way and go for pearls or wear a solitaire charm on your wrist. Whatever your heart wanted, you could get it.

I myself remember my first high school charm bracelet. I coveted a Tiffany’s or a Juicy Couture, but coming from Slavic immigrant parents who thought two-ply toilet paper was an insane luxury, those brands just weren’t on my cards. Instead, I got a gold link bracelet with hearts, suitcases, and keys on it, and I loved it like crazy. So let’s take a walk down Nostalgia Lane and see if you have one. Below are nine charm bracelets we loved in the early 2000s.

1. The Tiffany charm bracelet

Back to Tiffany Heart Tag Charm Bracelet, $ 460, Tiffany and company.

Also known as the Holy Grail. If you ever wanted to eat at the cool cafeteria table, it was like the secret password. It was heavy and bulky and decorated with that big silver-plated heart … I’m still turning pale at the idea.

2. Pandora bracelets

Black and Silver Leather PANDORA Clasp Bracelet, $ 43, Amazon

While the ads were aimed at middle-aged moms who could remember their love for Paris and when they became a soccer parent, they were also cute gifts for tweens and teens. I mean, the black string bracelet was reminiscent of our cheap Claire jewelry, and we got to fall into a “collect them all” frenzy much like Pokemon cards. Of course, those bracelets were going to become a thing.

3. Italian charm bracelets

Zoppini Italian Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet, $ 12, Ebay

Made from small squares rather than dangling charms, you can personalize your bracelet with everything from soda can logos to smiley faces.

4. Juicy Couture charm bracelets

Juicy Couture “Dessert Lovers Theme” Charm Bracelet, $ 190, Ebay

The scream was queen, and it was a blast choosing the loudest, brightest charms to add to our link bracelets. From watermelon slices to ballet shoes, the actual charms were the size of a silver dollar, creating bold, heavy statements on our wrists.

5. Coin charms

Moda Al Massimo 18k yellow gold on bronze rope pendant, $ 134, JTV

Rather than having a selection of charms to combine, this version just gave us a wrist full of ancient coins.

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6. Travel charms

Round the World Charm Bracelet in Sterling Silver, $ 67, Netaya

Whether you were lucky and were able to get on cruise ships with your family during the summer, or considering becoming a frequent traveler after college, one of the most popular was the travel charm bracelet. From the Eiffel Tower to mini planes hanging from your wrist, it made us all dream of thinking about life after our childhood bedrooms.

7. Multi-chain charm bracelets

Juicy Couture Stranded Charm Bracelet, $ 30, Amazon

If you’re fed up with the chunky chains of most charm bracelets, chances are you will switch to the multi-chain look, sporting what looked like 15 different bracelets smashed into one. Just to give your charms a bulkier and even bolder look.

8. The Juicy Couture “Heart” Bracelet

Juicy Couture Bracelet, $ 26, Sellao

If you didn’t have the dough to purchase each individual charm for your gold link bracelet, you’ve most likely fallen back on Juicy’s iconic alternative. It sported a giant milky pink heart with the logo embossed in gold, as well as an additional chain and bead. Ball.

9. The “Hair elastic” charms

Triple Crown Charm Bracelet, $ 195, Derby Museum Store

They looked like hair ties and usually hung on a solitary charm. But raise your hand if you got 30 of them and you got them all together. I thought so.

From fancy to dollar store, it’s likely you owned a charm bracelet in the early 2000s. And I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t smile every time I saw one in a display stand. store today. Ah, the nostalgia.

Images: Sellao (1); Amazon (2); ebay (2); Tiffany & Cie (1); JTV (1); Netaya (1); Derby Museum Store (1)


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