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5 very adult and sophisticated charm bracelets to get you excited about charm bracelets (again)


Not just for teens moving into adulthood, charm bracelets are the perfect way to show your personality to the world while still holding something close to your heart. For the new season, change your perceptions and give charm bracelets the second chance they deserve. These cuffs below manage to maintain a vintage feel while also fitting into any modern arm party. Ready?

1. Vampire Woman x Annoushka charm bracelet


The charm bracelet is a collaboration between The vampire’s wife and Annoushka. The bracelet is based on a love story between TVW Creative Director Susie Bick and her husband and musician Nick Cave. Susie worked with jewelry maker Annoushka to bring her vision to life, with each charm inspired by the music of her husband Nick. The result is a 14 piece charm bracelet that is playful, witty, and full of romance. My favorite is the 18k yellow gold mermaid
with a movable orange and yellow sapphire tail sitting on a freshwater pearl (€ 2,042.55) Charms alone will set you back over € 15,500, so you must be fully committed to the cause of it .

2. Nina Kasten’s Bay Bracelet


Charm bracelets don’t have to be too complicated and a German designer Nina Kastens‘beautiful designs amplify that. Having established her brand in New York City in 2014, Nina quickly gained attention through her online store for her minimalist and contemporary approach to design. Her pieces are clean and feminine. Love this handmade sterling silver and 18k gold ‘Bay’ bracelet above with real mother of pearl. At 229 €, it’s an elegant bargain.

3. Set of charms inspired by the first villainous insanes of Khai Khai Jewelery


Here are two fun facts for your Tuesday night: Man repellent, Léandra Medina, has a brother – Haim – and he has a very successful, very brilliant high-end jewelry line. Priced at € 14,500 (minus the bracelet itself), this one also deserves careful consideration. But ask yourself this, can you really live without diamond cherries hanging from your wrist ?? If cute smurfs aren’t your thing, try hers gummy letters or sweetheart collection of dinosaurs.

4. CVC Stones X Leandra Medine Charms Collection


Okay, so what I failed to mention above is that Haim’s sister, Leandra – do you remember her? – she is also involved in jewelry design (just like their mother Laura Medina. And, in fact, her pieces are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen). The point is, this family knows diamonds and design. Leandra recently collaborated with CSV stones – a brand imbued with romanticism and earthly sensuality. The collection offers assorted sizes of polished stones and diamond-interwoven gemstones (from € 800) on delicate bracelets (from € 738). The collection fits perfectly into Leandra’s free-spirited style and is the perfect accessory for boho-chic fans.

5. The Chloé gold charm bracelet


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Yes, Chloe – best known for her iconic bags and whimsical trends – are now in the glamor business. Whether you are a fan of the fashion house, there is no denying the beauty of these charms. The bracelet, priced at € 490, is strung with an eclectic array of coins of varying lengths and playfully spell out the brand’s nickname. Inspired by lucky charms, this elegant piece was made in Italy from gilded brass and hammered using an artisanal technique. I can just see it now paired with one of the house’s romantic dresses.


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