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26 fun button activities for kids

Button activities are great ways to engage students while making learning new skills fun. Students can learn to button and unbutton, sort, build, and more. In addition to learning fine motor skills, kids can do math or do fun crafts.

1. Egg carton buttoning activity

It’s a different way to teach young children how to button and unbutton. Once the buttons are attached to the egg carton, a variety of items such as ribbon or tissue paper can be used to button and unbutton using the buttons attached to the egg tray carton. It’s a great way to practice buttoning techniques.

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2. Rainbow Button Collage Canvas Art


Rainbow button collage gives kids the chance to sort buttons by color and even size. Once the buttons are sorted, kids can then create a rainbow collage on construction paper with rainbow-colored buttons.

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3. Mother’s Day Button Letter Crafts


There are many ways to use buttons to create these Mother’s Day gifts. The buttons can be sorted by size or color and then glued to the wooden letters.

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4. Make Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons


After printing and creating Pete the Cat, some cardboard buttons and adding four pieces of Velcro, kids can practice gluing buttons to Pete the Cat’s coat. Check out more of our favorite Pete the Cat activities here.

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5. Rainbow Button Sensory Bottle


Using a clear plastic water bottle, the bottle is emptied of water. With the help of an adult, children will add some buttons and glitter with hair gel. This creates a fun, colorful tube while the buds stay suspended in the gel.

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6. Button Stacking Game for Kids


Sort and match button colors, stack buttons according to color. Try to stack the buttons as high as possible without them falling.

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7. Stylish Jazzy Button Bracelets


Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the wrist with enough to tie around the wrist. Have students lay out the designs for their fun button bracelets before gluing or sewing them on.

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8. Make Buttonbox ABC Creations


Gather a large box of lots of buttons of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Call out a letter and have students create the shape of the letter with buttons on their table. This is a perfect activity to celebrate National Button Day.

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9. Flower Bud Art Cards


Fold a piece of card stock in half and attach three strips of green paper for the flower stems and green buds for the leaves. Children glue buttons above each stem, leaving room to create the flower buds. Have students decorate cards and write a message inside to complete this art activity.

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Using a jar with a metal lid, poke 6-8 holes in the top. Have the children thread a pipe cleaner through the hole, then thread buttons onto the pipe cleaner. Students can also string beads on the pipe cleaners to vary the fun. Buttons can be sorted by color or size or counted as they are put on.

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Cut about a piece of plastic lacing about a foot long, then have the child thread the buttons in the desired pattern. Tie the two ends together to create the bracelet. This activity can be extended to make a button necklace using a longer piece of plastic lace.

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12. Stack Button Activity


Using modeling clay, place a small amount on a desk or table, then add 5-6 spaghetti to stand up in the modeling clay. Thread many buttons through the spaghetti in different ways such as color, size, etc. using the button holes.

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This awesome button activity is perfect for preschoolers. Cut 8 to 10 strips of felt and sew a button on one side of each piece of felt. Cut a slit in the felt on the other side for the button to fit through. Tie the two sides together and loop the other pieces into a chain.

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This fun STEM button activity is done by using modeling clay to attach buttons together to create a tower. Students will try to make a button tower as tall as possible.

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15. Button Excavating: a sensory digging activity


Digging and sorting buttons are perfect activities for preschoolers. Fill a large rectangular bucket with cornmeal. Dip several dozen buttons in the cornmeal and mix. Using small strainers, start digging for similar gold-looking buttons.

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Buy 5-6 colorful bowls with lids and cut a slit in the top of the lid. Match brightly colored buttons to the matching container and have kids sort a handful of buttons by color into the cups.

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17. Button Sewing Activity


Using an embroidery hoop, burlap, a blunt embroidery needle, and embroidery floss, have the children sew a handful of shiny buttons onto the burlap. Create button arrangements in different ways, like sorting by color or creating an image.

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18. Felt Pizza Button Panel


Create a felt pizza and sew buttons on the pizza. Cut pepperoni or vegetables out of felt and cut a slit in the felt to create a buttonhole. Use the buttons and felt pieces to create a variety of pizzas.

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19. Tic-Tac-Toe Button Panel


Create a tic-tac-toe board and sew buttons in the center of each square to create this fun button game. Choose two complementary items such as pizzas and burgers or circles and squares and cut them out from the felt. Cut a slit in each piece of felt and use items to play tic-tac-toe.

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20. Counting game with buttons and muffin cups


Write numbers on the bottom of the paper muffin cups and place them in a 6-12 cup muffin pan to create this DIY activity. Use the buttons to count up to the number at the bottom of the muffin pan. Numbers can be changed as new numbers are learned.

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21. Caterpillar Craft Button


Using a large craft stick, have children glue on colored buttons one at a time, overlapping button sizes to create a caterpillar. Complete the caterpillar by adding googly eyes and a pipe cleaner antenna.

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22. Sorting Shape Buttons


Collect some awesome buttons, such as circles, squares, hearts, stars, etc. for this advanced sorting activity. Trace the different button patterns you placed in the bucket onto a strip of paper. Ask the children to sort all the buttons by placing them in the corresponding shape. It’s the perfect preschool button activity.

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23. Clothespin Car with Race Button


Attach two buttons to a straw, making two axles. Open the clothespin and place one set of wheels, then add some glue near the spring and add the second set of wheels. Make sure the wheels move freely and are attached to twist time through the straw.

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24. Apple Button Art Project


This easy button project would be perfect for a picture frame. On canvas or heavy card stock, children randomly place a green button, a yellow button, and a red button and secure with glue. Using paint or markers, turn each button into an apple.

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25. Glue Dot Art for Toddlers


Children are given a piece of construction paper or colored paper with randomly applied glue dots. Children select different button colors and place them on the glue dots. It’s a great way for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills.

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26. Digital Button Sensory Bin


Fill a large bucket with random buttons of different colors, sizes and shapes. Create different shapes and number prints that kids can fill in. Children can also run their hands over the buttons.

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